From 27 untill 30 july 2017 LRV Volharding Riksingen organises

togheter with sv Eventing Tongeren and BC Tongeren

the European Championschip Eventing for rural riders.


During this time there will also be an CIC* and CIC** scheduled.


This European Championship is bookmarked as

one of the most important horse events in Flanders,

with a topselection from riders and horses with thousands of visitors.

The European Championship is a sport event

with a high grade of sportively and attraction.

in the beautiful background of the domain Galgenberg,

the audience is treated with horsesport on a top level.


This whole event is coördinated by national board of LRV,

the biggest ridersport federation in Belgium

with over 13.000 members and years of experience in organiization of topevents.


The European Eventing Championship is held every 2 years

and in a different country each time.

After Austria in 2013 and The Netherlands in 2015;

the honors go to Belgium for 2017.

Last time this event took place in Belgium was 2003 at Minderhout.


The eventing is vivid, that a sure thing.

Time after time you see that the builders taking position to make a beautiful couse,

each time full of pleasure and en enthusiasm.

This also reflects on the riders full motivation.

The competition days are a nice end to a period full of intense preparations.

This concludes how close and strong a group of friends can be.